The Latest Update

The Latest Update

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We’ve just released a new update for our popular FPS Chess game and we’ve got a whole bunch of new features, fixes and gameplay changes for you to check out! First up, we’ve made some changes to the way the game handles cover. Now, when you’re behind cover, you’ll be much better protected from enemy fire. We’ve also made it so that you can nowdestroy cover that your opponents are using, so make sure to use that to your advantage! We’ve also made some changes to the maps, specifically the addition of new cover objects and the removal of some areas that were giving players an unfair advantage.

We’ve also made a few changes to the weapons and abilities. First, we’ve nerfed the sniper rifles a bit, so they’re not quite as powerful as they were before. We’ve also made some changes to the way grenades work, so make sure to read the patch notes for all the details. And last but not least, we’ve made some changes to the matchmaking system. Now, when you search for a match, you’ll be more likely to be matched up with players of a similar skill level. This should make for a more fair and enjoyable experience for everyone.

That’s all for this update! We hope you enjoy the changes and we’ll see you on the battlefield!